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About Kayak Obsessions

Kayak Obsessions is your local kayak, accessory installation, and repair shop in the Thousand Oaks, Ventura County area, catering to the kayak fisherman, as well as the recreational paddler.

We take the sport of kayaking, very seriously and we are willing to help with your kayak needs along with any questions you may have regarding the obsession. remember “the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask”.

New to kayaking, No worries, please give us a call or email and we will do our best to assist you in choosing the right kayak to best fit your needs. We have many years of kayaking experience and our goal is to help you stay safe on the water. Whether you are just paddling, fishing local lakes, rivers, or on the open waters of the Pacific, we can get you into the right boat for your environment.

We also have the ability to perform the repairs, that other shops will not, such as plastic welding, patching, restorations, steering tune-up, electronic diagnosis, accessory installations such as fish finders, led lighting, rudders, bait tanks and more. Fiberglass and composite boat repair available as well.

Some of our kayak brands include Riot Kayaks & SUP’s, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Santa Cruz Kayaks, Eddyline.

Accessory brands such as Surf to Summit, Bending Branches, Aqua-Bound and Stohlquist., kayak parts from Select Design Yak Attack, and Ram, work stands, storage racks, and bed extenders from Spare Hands Systems, Boonedox, and Suspenz, the list goes on. If there is an item you need and can’t seem to find it chances are, we can.

We offer used kayaks and blemished (blem) models, when available, for additional savings.

Trade in and sales assistance available on those kayaks.

Interested in Becoming a Sales Rep?


There are many choices in kayaks available, we can help make the decision process a bit easier with a few simple questions. If you are looking for your first kayak or wanting to upgrade to a different model, give us a call!
Brands: Kayak Distribution | Santa Cruz Kayaks | Malibu Kayaks | Eddyline Kayaks


Choosing the right accessories for your kayak is another important key to having the best kayaking experience possible, paddles, seats, carts, bed extenders, racks, we can help you with that!
Brands: Surf to Summit | Bending Branches | Aqua-Bound | Stohlquist


We keep many parts in stock for many different brands of kayaks, if you have broken something or lost a particular item, chances are we can help get you back on the water.
Brands: Select Design | Yak Attack | Ram

Work Stands, Racks, Bed Extenders

There are many different types of racks, stands and transporting accessories to choose from, we carry the brands that perform well and last.
Brands: Spare Hands Systems | Boonedox | Suspenz

Repair & Installation

Need a meter, rudder or live bait well installed? Maybe you dinged your boat while landing? Kayak Obsessions specializes in installing your accessories and fixing your boat when it’s been damaged. Contact us today for a quote!

About TKO

Looking for someone to fish with? Team Kayak Obsessions (better known as TKO) is a local fishing group which has been growing for approximately 5 years now. We are proud to know and fish alongside all of our friends and teammates regularly.

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